Project Description

Our client needed to streamline and integrate a control system for their new Carbon Fiber Fabric Inspection Table to be used by quality control personnel to inspect carbon fiber and other high technology fabrics. The electrical design to date was incomplete, but some instrumentation had been selected and purchased. Motor controls required additional components, along with field wiring, conductors, conduits, and instrumentation all needed to be designed, specified, and installed. Core provided mechanical installation requirements for the inspection table third-party fabricators, including mechanical supports for enclosures, instrumentation, and conduits. To complete the project, Core designed, fabricated, and installed a complete electrical control package including VFD motor controls and web tracking instrumentation on the client provided table structure. Core installed all components directly onto the mobile table at its fabrication facility.

Core designed, installed, and configured the electrical interfaces for the web load cells, an Accutrac web guidance system, and a particle braking system, making it an operationally complete system. The electrical interface and disconnecting means (including a separate foot-actuated device) had to allow the fabric inspection table to be disconnected from its electrical service without the need for tools or specialized training. Core provided a PLC and local HMI control enclosure to display operational parameters for the operator while allowing engineering setup functionality, and quantitative reporting.

Core developed exterior, interior, power distribution, and I/O schematics for the control enclosures for Carbon Fiber Fabric Inspection Table. Core provided all instrumentation terminations, configuration, and PLC/HMI software development.


Project Name:
Carbon Fiber Fabric Inspection Table

San Francisco, CA

Project Type:
Installation for Fabric Inspection Table, Control Enclosure Software and Installation

New & Upgrade

Equipment Installed:
Allen Bradley SLC 500 Controller with Cmore HMI


Total System Points:


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