Project Description

Controlling the demands of flood water involves planning, preparing, and responding. With a district responsible for over one-hundred-and-fifty (150) remote monitoring and control sites, comprised of containment reservoirs, basins, canals, and channels, the client needed a reliable and expandable telemetry system.

Operating commands for the remote pumping/gauging stations are issued from a central SCADA system. National Instrument’s Lookout software was configured to perform real time data collection, trending, and control of remote sites. In addition to control, many sites have integrated weather instrumentation that provides the client with exact weather conditions locally, (i.e. rainfall, wind speed/direction, temperature, etc.) providing valuable insight on current conditions.

Remote pumping stations are controlled by Control Microsystem’s SCADAPack RTU and many utilize an EASON HMI for local control parameter entry and monitoring. Remote communication at each site is accomplished by utilizing a MDS licensed radio transceiver connected to the central SCADA system. If communication is lost with the host SCADA, each RTU can operate autonomously until communication is re-established.

Electrical engineering, panel fabrication, installation, RF surveys, RTU and SCADA software, were provided for a complete system.


Project Name:
District Wide Telemetry

Central Valley of California

Project Type:
Automation, Control, and Communications for Flood Control Systems

Retrofit & New

Equipment Installed:
Control Microsystems SCADAPack, National Instruments Lookout, MDS Radio Transceivers, EASON HMIs

Modbus RTU

Total System Points:
~610 points


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