Project Description

In our client’s continuing effort to develop a more robust and advanced data control/management system, they needed an evaluation of communication methods between sites. Existing interaction between facilities has been implemented as sites have become operational with little regard to a communication scheme that will serve a complete system. Existing communication methods caused uncertainty and doubt at all locations, especially at locations that are merging data. Core performed a radio survey and frequency path study with several radio manufacturers for each site, consolidated its findings, and produced a Survey and Recommendations Report.

Core procured both hardware and the software required for the radio surveys from various radio manufacturers; configured a Local Area Network (LAN) and Data/Internet Server to allow data transfer and performance data to be visualized and recorded between radio installations; defined radio frequency behavior (ie radio/antenna placement, ancillary equipment locations, and antenna polarization/directional alignment, etc.); and validated coverage area.

Core followed up with a formal report detailing data throughput, signal strength, radio frequency path analysis, hardware/software types, quantities, and locations for each surveyed radio. The conclusion of the delivered report included detailed recommendations for implementation of a radio communication system with a long and robust future for each site.


Project Name:
Radio Survey and Frequency Path Study

Sacramento, CA

Project Type:
Survey and Analysis of Radio Communications for Current and Future Integration

Data Gathering, Analysis,

Equipment Installed:
Temporary Server, Base station Mast & Radio, Various Hardware/Software

Ethernet, 450MHz, 900MHz, 5GHz Radios

Total System Points


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