Project Description

Core worked to remove and replace the existing Dall’Argine control system with a reliable, stable, and maintainable control system that provides a solid platform for operational performance. This required redesigning the power and electrical control system, with controls originating at the point of the can stop, including drawings, custom application programs, and descriptive textual documentation.

Core also designed the main control enclosure, housing the components required for proper operation of the Dall’Argine, utilizing an Allen-Bradley PanelView as the operator interface. The enclosure was designed with components that are compatible with the existing spare parts inventory and allow for the connection to existing processors. The remote control enclosure Core crafted serves as the exterior operator interface of the Dall’Argine, utilizing pushbuttons and indicators for the operator interface. Core will interface the remote control enclosure into the design of the main control enclosure, ‘hardwired’ to the main control enclosure.

Core worked with California Fruit & Tomato Kitchens employees to locate and utilize the existing motor controls for the power distribution system. Rounding out the project, Core developed new electrical schematics, including detailed field connection diagrams, and an instrument index requireing I/O for the Dall’Argine Control System Upgrade project.

Capping the project, Core performed an on-site survey of the Dall’Argine equipment to confirm I/O counts and field device placement, working closely with the electrical contractor and representatives from California Fruit & Tomato Kitchens.


Project Name:
Dall’Argine Control System Upgrade

Central Valley, CA

Project Type:
Process Sterilization/Canning Upgrade

New Electrical & Control System On Existing Equipment

Equipment Installed:
Allen-Bradley PanelView, New Control Panel containing Allen-Bradley
SLC-5/04 and Panel View


Total System Points:


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