Project Description

Choosing a systems integrator that has experience, man-power, and performs to the intent of the specification rather than the specification itself is difficult. On-time delivery, efficient automation, and electrical power development experience was paramount in the selection of a control systems integrator.

Outfitted with a single railcar receiving leg, this facility unloads railcars at fourteen-hundred (1400) tons per hour. Automation plays a large role in controlling the path and destination of the material with little or no operator involvement. This allows the staff to focus on locomotive position and opening/closing railcar slide gates. A single Allen-Bradley PLC coordinates all facility functions. Wonderware InTouch software was configured to perform real time data collection, trending, and control of all site devices.

Railcar receiving pit auger modulation is controlled based upon time, multiple motor amperages, downstream influences and operator variables. The speed of the pit auger is controlled to allow the grain to flow as quickly as possible to downstream equipment.

Electrical engineering requirements included power, lighting, instrumentation, conduit, power distribution, and PLC integration. Core provided electrical supervision and served as the owner’s technical representative throughout the course of this project.


Project Name:
Railcar Grain Receiving

Kings County, CA

Project Type:
Grain Receiving, Storage, and Transfer Facility


Equipment Installed:
Allen-Bradley PLC’s, Wonderware InTouch, Milltronics AirRanger, Dustmaster Dust Suppresion

Allen-Bradley DH+ & Remote I/O

Total System Points:
~896 points


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